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Flodge's Fabulous Beers! Beer of the Week Commencing 15th July 2019

by Chris Parr

Beer of the Week - 3 Ravens, Red Acid, Blended Sour 

This Beer is well worth the Trip!

Sydney in Winter is pretty special. Temperate climate, cool dry days, crisp blue skies, and of course lots of sport. On our rotating tap this week we have a number of awesome beers, but in acknowledgement of the beautiful clear weather we thought the 3 Ravens Red Acid Blended Sour Ale woluld be a great beer of the week! 

The Victorian Brewery has released the Red Acid as third in its series, and is a sour based Red Ale infused with American oak staves. Its really smooth and has notes of berry throughout. Not being a particularly strong ale with an ABV of only 3.5% this makes a perfect combination with  the Poke Bowl off the menu and it will certainly make you feel nice and healthy. 

This Week we asked Phoebe and Monty (two of our unbeatable staff members) what their thougts were on this crafty brew:

Phoebe - The Awesome Acquisition 

This is really good! Its quite tort but funnily enough quite smooth too. There are some real hints of stonefruit in this ale but its a really light drink. As far as food is concerned this would go great with a Thai Green Curry... I think I'm going to have this for my Staffie tonight! 

Monty - Duty Manager/ Part of the Furniture 

This has a great cherry hit from the first taste, its really mouthwatering with a nice biscuity aroma. Its good to see that its true to its name as its got quite an acidic taste and a lasting sourness. As its quite a sweet beer, I'd pair this with the Panacotta. 

With three very strong reviews for this sour, this will be one drink not to pass up at the Forest Loge Hotel



July 15, 2019
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