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Flodge's Fabulous Beers! Beer of the Week Commencing 7th July 2019

by Chris Parr

Beer of the Week - Riverside Brewing Company, Beauty and the Brut! 

Bring Along Lumiere, Ms Potts and Chip because this truly is a Belle beer


As you may know on Sunday it is Bastille Day. A day to celebrate all things French from the Baguette to the Eiffel Tower, and what a better way to ramp up celebrations with a craft beer of the week from our rotating taps... showcasing Riverside's Beauty and the Brut. 

Made with yeast commonly used for Champagne (yes French Champagne, there is a difference!) this IPA feels like it  has a contradictory flavour palette having the driness of sparkling wine mixed with the juciness of an IPA. Its easy to drink and has a delightful yeasty aftertaste that will remind you of drinking a nice glass of bubbly. Although you don't need any food to enjoy this beer it goes great with a more delicate flavour palette such as Risotto or Orichette from our menu. Don't just trust my review on this though, we asked our unbeatable staff members what they thought:

Chris -Forest Lodge's Finest (Left)

At first tatse its  really hoppy, its good but  quite hard to describe because there's so much going on. It starts of quite juicy but then it goes dry which is a bit odd! I do like it though and this beer would go great with something  quite fresh like the Calamari. 

3.5 Stars 

Lauren - The Belle of the Bar (Right)

Yum this is good! Its got a really juicy palette but then has quite a dry aftertaste. I didn't really know you could have french yeast in a beer but its really good. The name makes me laugh too! This would go awesomely with the Olive Branch Pizza. 

3.5 Stars 

If you like out of the box beers which have a lot going on but are also surprisingly refreshing to drink, Riverside Brewing Company's Beauty and the Brut is a must try from one of our many rotating taps! 

Merci et Santé


July 8, 2019
Category: Beer and Bastille Day

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