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That's so Floodge - Beer of the Week Commencing 1 July 2019

by Chris Parr

Beer of the Week - Garage Project's Angry Peaches!

Furious, Fruity and Mighty Fine


For our debut into the blogosphere we decided to take the bull by the horns, or more fittingly the Peaches by their Stones (Ouch!) and headline one of our recent rare additions to our rotating craft beer taps. Introducing Garage Project's American Pale Ale - Angry Peaches on Nitro! 

We have to warn you, this american pale ale is not for the feignt hearted! Self described as despite having no peaches anywhere near this pale ale, the strong stone fruit flavour is due to an absurd amount of Amecian Hop Amarillo.

The beer itself tastes agressively strong but is a reatively standard 6.8% ABV and with a nitro tap has a rather creamy quality which would pair perfectly with the Roast Chicken Freekah from our menu. We also asked some of are unbeatable staff what their opinions of the Angry Peaches were: 

Monty - Duty Manager 

This is a great APA with a Nitro twist. For me this is quite an easy drinking APA but does have quite an agressive bitterness.  With the Nitro I think this would go great with the Buffalo Wings. I mean I don't usually recommend beer with spicy food but with the Nitro and Amarillo combo I think it would go really well. 4 Stars 

Lauren - Bar Staff Extraordinare 

Hmm this is interesing. Its quite a flat APA but I guess that's because of the nitro. Its not overly bitter but for some reason it reminds me a bit of veggiemite. I must admit its a lot hoppier than fruity which isn't what I would have expected but it leaves this really intersting round taste on the mouth. I would pair this with our Spanish Inquisition pizza.  3 Stars 

With two very different views of the Angry Peaches we would recommend you come down and try it, especially with something a little spicier from our menu! All in all this is a good rare American Pale Ale and we doubt it will last long on our ever rotating tap list! 

Do you agree with our comments? Let us know on facebook or instagram! 



July 1, 2019
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